Voice-over Talents and Narrator in Japan

Please leave everything to us.

Who We Are

GIRASOLE is a team of Japanese voice production professionals.

We have a lot of Japanese narrators and voice actress/actors. 

Also, we have translation teams, video editing teams,audio production teams, and recording studios.

When you do video and game localization, we will surely be your trump card!

The Reason Why People Choosen GIRASOLE

 Girasole has many networks involved of video, game and animation production in JapanNarrators, voice actors, video editing staff, sound production staff, recording studios and recording engineers ...! 

 Above all, our network affiliatons with famous Japanese voice-actor offices and agents in Japan will surely help you be a valuable resource.

 If you want to localize one work a product, you will ordinarily need to contact countless companies and individuals in Japan. However, Girasole can arrange all of them. You just email Girasole in English.

How to Contact GIRASOLE

1. For voice actor casting, please tell us about your budget, if possible.

 *We have countless choices about it options. However the feasibility of each option depends on the budget.

2. If there is the script it is available, please send it all the entire script.

 *We are not able to provide accurate estimates without your all the complete scripts.

3. Please tell me all the information as muchus as much information about your project as possible.

 *Japanese voice actors often have different appearance conditions depending on their agents.

4. In the initial transaction, You basically need to make a prepayment in Japanese yen.

 *Depending on the situation, we are prepared to respond to the consultation.

5. Please contact Girasole by email.

*If there are various international circumstances, we may not be able to help you.


Contact us




               Tokyo Japan

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